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Educational activity

 Already in the first year of arrival in Israel Nahum Pereferkovich started teaching all that relates to jazz - the theory, harmony, performing, arranging, etc. , First privately, then - since 1980, as a teacher of jazz department Jerusalem Academy of Music, where he worked until the present time.

Through the hands of Nahum Pereferkovich passed over the years hundreds of students, the most famous of them: guitarist Mordy  Ferber, piano players  Tamir Hendelman, Ruslan Sirota, known in Hungary  Greg Foldvari; leading Israeli pianist

Yaron Gottfried, Ofer Portugali, Erik Naisberg, Miku Narunsky.

Last year at Nahum pereferkovicha was marked by a return to the melodies, for which he finally wrote a textbook, the tool rotates in the direction of improvisation and jazz.

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